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Xbox One Launch Issues both Minor and Avoidable


In another of Microsoft’s indecisive console choices this year, the company decided to make users participate in a mandatory day one Xbox One update. The update intends to bring the system up to speed for all users, which is ultimately better for everyone. Of course it is. Nobody wanted to see any Xbox One launch issues.

What makes Xbox loyalists upset is that this sort of recant is the epitome of the carpet yanking they have experienced over the past few months.

Since E3 this year, Microsoft has claimed the system was going to require shocking changes like constant internet connection and video game locks. After an unprecedented uproar, and a lot of swayed gamers jumping the Xbox ship, Microsoft wisely changed their minds to follow the likes of Nintendo and Sony. This sort of damage went a long way, and Microsoft has tried hard to make up for it by emulating Sony’s PlayStation Plus Free games with their Gold Membership freebies over the past few months.

Then Microsoft was caught in an embarrassing misrepresentation of their console when footage was used for Battlefield 4 in an Xbox One commercial, and it was really PC footage. Once again, gamers shrug it off and move on (most have already forgiven or forgotten).

Now there is something as simple as a day one update complicated by indecisiveness. There was a lot of talk about how Microsoft was going to offer gamers alternatives to day one updates because of the allure of skipping that initial wait at the beginning of the Xbox One launch. The PlayStation 4’s day one update only took a few minutes. Was it really that necessary to try and sell the console as a ‘day one update free’ system?

Little things like this look worse in a long line of concerning choices. Patience is expected during the Xbox One launch, but hiccups like this were avoidable. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of how the rest of the year will go or Microsoft may drive the rest of this year’s holiday shoppers into the open arms of Sony PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Wii U. Stranger things have happened. Regardless, fingers crossed that there are no other unexpected Xbox One launch issues that pop up.

Photo: Microsoft