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Will Smartphones and Tablets Replace Televisions? Study Explores Trends


The children of today could witness a major shift from TV sets to smartphones and tablets.  The trend of declining preferences for television sets has already begun.  Streaming services from Netflix, Hulu, and even the NFL have created a sharp decline in time spent around the television set according to a study by Ooyala, a provider of digital video services for companies such as Comedy Central, Fox Sports, and ESPN.

The study showed a 133% rise in video consumption via tablets and mobile devices in the third quarter of 2013.  It is important to remember that the third quarter is historically the time families are on vacation and away from home.  Ooyala’s Global Video Index, also showed that in the third quarter, mobile devices and tablets accounted for 15% of all streamed video.  The personalized viewing experience is drawing in households much faster than cable and satellite packages.  Mobile devices and tablets are easy to carry and their extended battery lives are making them a much more attractive option in the marketplace.

The drawback that gives TV the advantage in the race against new technology is that new episodes of shows and live events are often not readily available on devices.  As the technology continues to shift, the industry will have no choice but to shift with it, or fail like Tower Records.  Streaming companies such as Netflix are now creating independent shows that are gaining so much popularity they are becoming Academy Award nominees.  Mobile devices and tablets may prove to be the sole disruption that leads to a new era of entertainment.

Photo: Shawn Campbell