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3Doodler Set to Bring 3D Doodling to the Masses

3doodler pen

3D printing is all the rage these days and some interesting gadgets have popped up as the technology has gotten cheaper. The 3Doodler is an upcoming gadget and former Kickstarter project that’s set to make a splash later this year as it’s part pen, part 3D printer, and 100% fun.

3Doodler was launched as a Kickstarter Project in late February by its creators Pete Dilworth and Max Bogue. They aimed to raise $30,000 dollars, but amassed a mind boggling $2.3 million by the time the campaign closed on March 25th. It’s pretty safe to say it was a successful campaign, and that folks are excited to get their hands on the plastic extruding gadget.

3D printers have come a long way since their early inception, and the 3Doodler proves that by providing you with a portable 3D printing pen that can be used anywhere as long as you have access to a power socket. The 3Doodler works looks like an oversized pen and acts like a glue gun. When you plug the pen in it heats up and extrudes plastic which quickly cools into whatever pattern or structure create. You can draw your creations on a flat surface and peel them off or create and build up structures as you go.

3doodler tower

Stencils are a big part of the 3Doodler concept, and look to be a great way to create and share designs with an online community. The stencil kits allow you to print out objects on paper so that you just need to doodle them out and join them together with 3Doodler. The kits will be hosted on the website where they will be free to use and share.

The first unit pre-production units are estimated to ship out to early adopters in September with the final version of the product scheduled for an October release to other levels of backers. If you missed the Kickstarter campaign and still want to pick a 3Doodler up have no fear. Pre-orders are open, and a refundable deposit of $99 will get you a 3Doodler and 50 strands of ABA or PLA plastic. If you’re intrigued you can see the 3Doodler in action below or head over to the official site to find out a little more about 3D printing pen.