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Five Word Nightmares of IT Pros Flood Twitter

What is the worst-case scenario nightmare of an IT professional in five words?  IT professionals from all over the world took to Twitter to answer this question starting Tuesday night.  #FiveWordTechHorrors, a trend started by Twitter user @izs, has spread like wildfire, tempting IT professionals and brands worldwide to voice opinions about their digital disasters.  The hashtag is showing no…

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Technical Response of Surveillance-Protesting Tech Giants Varies

Eight tech giants, each highly dependent on users’ willingness to share personal information for their profits, have joined forces to protest U.S. government internet surveillance. Google, Apple, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, LinkedIn and AOL have joined forces in making their complaint via an open letter published on Monday, and via a new website, Their own technical efforts to protect…

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Twitter to Enter Emerging Markets Without Internet Connection via U2opia Mobile

According to a recent Reuters report, Twitter is launching in emerging markets via mobile phones.  In a new, innovative move, Twitter will allow new users to connect on phones that do not have access to the Internet.  The connection is possible through Twitter’s new partner, U2opia Mobile, which uses USSD, Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, to connect users to Twitter. The…

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