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Harris-Perry Just In Time to Join List of 2013 Embarrassments

Melissa Harris-Perry’s has apologized for using a Mitt Romney family photo as a prop for racial political commentary. The TV show’s comedy panel zeroed in on an adopted African American child in the otherwise white ensemble of 22 grandchildren. Ignoring the taboo of involving the children of public figures, the Harris-Perry panel’s cracks joined a string of embarrassing moments in…

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Sean Penn and Dennis Rodman: Two Approaches to Celebrity Diplomacy

Sean Penn’s publicist has revealed that Penn helped beleaguered American businessman Jacob Ostreicher escape Bolivia following allegations of corruption against officials in his case. Penn had traveled to Bolivia last year to make appeals for the businessman directly to the Bolivian president, after which Ostreicher was moved from prison to house arrest. Penn’s celebrity activism contrasts sharply with that of…

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“Glee” Episode Based on Drug Addiction and Abuse – In Honor of Cory Monteith

It’s been three weeks since the devastating death of Cory Monteith’s (Glee’s Finn Hudson). He passed away on July 16th in a hotel in Vancouver due to an alcohol and heroin overdose. The late actor already had a history of drug addiction, and had been in and out of rehab, with the support of on and off screen girlfriend, Lea Michele…

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