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Sony is Off to a Great Start with the Release of the PS4


The latest Playstation console, the PS4, launched this month at a suggested retail price of $399. At the time of launch there were approximately 20 games available for the system and it is believed that there will be over 30 games available by the end of the year.

The latest console comes with an impressive level of power with 8GB of system high speed system memory available for developers to tap into. Thanks to all of this available power and the popularity of past Playstation game consoles there are already more than 180 titles in the process of being created for the system.

The new system tries to bring friends closer together by giving them a share button to showcase some of their best gaming performances. A simple press of the button on the controller and impressive gaming moments can be uploaded to Facebook, the PS4 activity stream or Twitter for everyone to see.

The system also comes with a second screen app that allows players to tap into their other devices for improved gameplay. They can view parts of the game on a second screen using a PS vita or a smartphone and can even play some of the games while away from the PS4 thanks to this technology.

Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC went all out with their marketing  of the console before its recent launch to get people interested. They formed retail partnerships, aired television commercials and worked out a promotion with Taco Bell and SCEA to give out more than 4,000 free consoles as prizes. It looks like all these efforts paid off as well since more than 1 million of the consoles were sold within the first 24 hours of the launch.

Photo credit: Alan Klim