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Red or Blue Pill? Life Changing DNA Nanocage Could Cure Cancer


Like a scene out of the hit movie, Matrix, scientists are working to create a pill that will change medicine, as we know it.  There is a strong, future possibility that one pill can cure the human body of ailments such as cancer, or other life-threatening diseases.  Scientists in the US, Denmark, and Rome recently discovered a nanotechnology breakthrough that will make the cure possible.  The researchers designed a “DNA Nanocage”, which is made up of nanorobots that deliver and release biomolecules.  The delivery system relies solely on temperature.  The body’s own molecules self-assemble to create a DNA Nanocage.

In a way, it is a push for the body to cure itself with a little outside help.  The core idea that the scientists want to accomplish, is creating an ingestible pill delivery system for the DNA Nanocage.  This delivery system would contain medication that traps diseases at the molecular level.  The cage would open and close on command by temperature.  This is important because the cage captures an active enzyme, (HRP), horseradish peroxidase.  The cage also contains cells that are waiting to consume the HRP once captured.  Without this enzyme, it is impossible for diseases to survive.

The research to create a functional delivery system for the DNA Nanocage is still in the beginning stages.  Unfortunately, the cure for cancer and other devastating diseases does not exist; however, scientists are hopeful for the future development of this project.  The scientists involved in the research are from Aarhus University in Denmark, Duke University in North Carolina, and the University of Rome in Italy.  One thing is for certain, the possibility of the children of today, living in a disease and cancer-free world as adults is exciting.

Photo: Pascal