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Pet Tech: 5 Dog Gadgets Your Pooch Will Love


If you’re a dog lover, you’ve probably bought some wacky dog toys in your time, but things have come a long way since the days of tossing a stick for Fido. Electronic dog gadgets are a high tech way to have fun or interact with your pooch, and with that in mind we thought we’d create a list featuring some of the best dog gadgets around.

Tagg the Pet Tracker

It’s easy to have your pooch chipped these days, but tagging them isn’t going to help you find your pet until it hits the pound. That’s where Tagg the Pet Tracker comes in handy as uses GPS and wireless technology to help you find your pup. In addition to pet tracking, Tagg also monitors your pet’s level of activity and works with your smartphone to show your pets location. It’s also extremely cool looking as you can see from the pic. Tagg the Pet Tracker is a must have dog gadget for anyone concerned about losing their pet, and it’ll only set you back around $99 bucks.


Anyone who has ever owned an active dog knows how quickly your arm can turn to rubber after playing fetch for an hour. The iFetch aims to solve that problem as it’s a mini-tennis ball launcher that can keep your dog entertained when you need to take a break. This dog gadget has three different settings that can chuck a tennis ball between 10 & 30 feet and automatically launches balls once your dog places one in the hopper. iFetch just completed its Kickstarter campaign last month, and is expected to ship this fall.

Eyenimal Petcameyenimal

Everyone has wondered what their pets get into while they’re away. The Eyenimal Petcam is a dog gadget that ensures that you’ll never have to wonder again as it puts a collar-based video camera around your pets neck. The cam collar records in full color and has a microphone to go along with 4GB of storage. It’s reasonably priced at $80 and looks to be a fun what to see what your pup gets into while you’re out and about.


Some of the smarter dogs don’t tend to fall for the laser pointer trick as much as cats. If you’ve got a genius pooch the PetCube may be the solution as it combines a laser pointer with a WiFi connected webcam. This dog gadget lets you play with your pet from anywhere, and you’ll be able to move the low-intensity laser pointer remotely with the PetCube smartphone app. The wide-angle camera can stream 720p video, and there’s even speaker and  microphone if you’d like to call your pet over to play. PetCube isn’t out yet, but is set to be released later this year.

Hexbug Spider

The last dog gadget to make our list isn’t a gadget for dogs at all… it’s actually a tech toy. The Hexbug Spider stands around 3 inches tall and can move in any direction thanks to a small 2-button remote control. Its legs allow it to move easily across most surfaces, and the controller is tiny which will help smarter dogs from figuring things out. As mentioned, this one isn’t made for dogs, and they shouldn’t be left unattended with a Hexbug Spider or any other chewable object. The Hexbug Spider is available through several different outlets, and will only set you back around $25 bucks.