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Nintendo 2DS: Release Date, Price and Features


Nintendo has stayed a king of handheld gaming with it’s evergreen Gameboy as well as DS but as competition has arisen over the years, it seems to be at a loss while competing with systems like the PS Vita. Even Nintendo’s recent addition to it’s the DS line-the 3DS-hasn’t proven to be very hefty against rival handheld consoles. However,  Nintendo has now announced an entirely new gaming system called the “2DS” to maintain sales and its ratings.

The 2DS, in a nutshell, is basically a 3DS without the 3D (Yes, it does sound absurd at first). Though, it might not be as useless as it seems. Plans for the new handheld were unveiled at Gamescom 2013 along with the announcement of the Wii U’s major price cut. An introductory video was also published by Nintendo on YouTube which highlights the 2DS’ features comprehensively.

The console features a design that varies from the clamshell design that has been a trademark of the DS series from the moment the original DS arrived. The 2DS features an unhinged and flat form factor. It looks rather similar to the Wii U GamePad.

Like the 3DS, the 2DS features two LCD screens, the top one is 3.5 inches while the bottom screen is 3 inches. It features the same buttons that were on the 3DS though buttons are placed more to the center rather than besides the bottom screen.

The handheld device will be available with two main color options. Additionally, a secondary color also varies, which indicates the color of the sides and stylus. The internals are as same as the 3DS, specifically, a dual core ARM11 processor with 128MB of RAM and a PICA 200 GPU.

Nintendo 2DS

The device, while does not feature 3D viewing, has a 3D camera, though pictures can only be viewed in 3D after transferring them to a Nintendo 3DS. The device has all the features of the 3DS, except 3D, including features such as WiFi connectivity, StreetPass and SpotPass.

The 2DS is compatible with all 3DS games as it runs on the same hardware. Backwards compatibility with DS games is also possible with the 2DS. This totals for over 2000 “quality” games, as Nintendo claims. The 2DS is also compatible with apps, such as Netflix, from the Nintendo eShop, like its bigger brother(3DS).

Many might argue that the 2DS is unnecessary but when it’s price is looked at, it doesn’t appear to be a bad package. Lets face it, the 3D on the 3DS is largely a waste and offering people a cheaper alternative to play the same games in 2D might just be a smart move by Nintendo.

The device is known to have price tag of $130, which rather reasonable for its offerings. The price will definitely affect what the buyers go for, especially those on a budget. The release of the 2DS is expected around 12th October, so not too long a wait either.

2DS’s reception may vary from person-to-person, depending on what kind of games you want and your budget. I’m excited about it but will it make it to your Christmas wish list?