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Netflix Strikes a Deal with The Weinstein Company for First Run Films


Netflix has made a splash this year with new original programming like Orange is the New Black, and Hemlock Grove while also managing to review a fan favorite with Arrested Development. The year may be winding down, but Netflix isn’t done as they’ve just announced a deal with The Weinstein Company to make Netflix the first top for first-run flicks starting in 2016.

The new deal means Netflix subscribers will get dibs on new shows, films and documentaries from The Weinstein Company before they appear on other pay channels. This move puts Netflix on par with HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and others as those channels used to be the first stop for films after their time in theaters has come to a close. 2016 may be a few years off, but it’s going to be a big year for Netflix as that’s around the same time their deal with Disney will bear fruit.

Netflix investors were pleased with the news, and it showed as the stock prices rose more than 5 percent before settling back down. The move may not have the big pay channels shaking in their boots (yet), but it’s a move that’s going to bring Netflix a slew of new subscribers and make cutting the cable a little bit easier.