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Israel Firmly Denies Involvement in Beirut Iranian Embassy Bombings


Israeli officials firmly denied that they had anything to do with the twin bombings that occurred outside the Iranian Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon. This tragic attack left 23 citizens dead and injured more than 146 others. Soon after the attack the Iranian ambassador to Lebanon exclaimed that the attack was “without any doubt” caused by the “Zionists.” Later he revised what he stated earlier to clarify he meant the people who serve Israeli when he said Zionists.

Tzachi Hanegbi, the chairman of the Israeli parliament’s Security and Foreign Affairs Committee, denies that Israeli had any involvement with the act at all. He states that Israel is blamed for everything in the Middle East, but that this act has no real benefit to his country. He states that the country is only responsible for actions that have to do with protecting its security.

He argues that the attack was caused by tensions in Lebanon resulting from Hezbollah’s choice to help Assad survive in Syria. Another Israeli official was reported as saying that they had no involvement in the matter, and that when they select their targets they are weapons, not innocent citizens.

On Tuesday an organization known as “Abdullah Azzam Brigades” claimed to be responsible for the attack. They are an organization affiliated with Al-Qaeda, the terrorist network.

Photo: Acroll