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Harris-Perry Just In Time to Join List of 2013 Embarrassments


Melissa Harris-Perry’s has apologized for using a Mitt Romney family photo as a prop for racial political commentary. The TV show’s comedy panel zeroed in on an adopted African American child in the otherwise white ensemble of 22 grandchildren. Ignoring the taboo of involving the children of public figures, the Harris-Perry panel’s cracks joined a string of embarrassing moments in 2013.

Regardless of which side of the duck blind people stand on the Phil Robertson controversy, it remains a mystery why celebrities feel compelled to use crude language and illustrations when being interviewed by the likes of GQ, Playboy or Rolling Stone. Phil Robertson’s crudity alone lands his interview on the list of embarrassing moments of 2013.

Remorse is not a requirement to label a statement or an act as embarrassing. Just ask Miley Cyrus. Though her antics succeeded in making her a household name, the whole twerking incident is just plain embarrassing for the average person.

One product, and executive response, also makes the list of 2013 embarrassments. Lululemon’s see-through yoga pants fiasco was bad enough in itself. But add the CEO’s comment about the product not working for some women’s bodies, and what might get a pass as a design and manufacturing error moves into a full-fledged embarrassment. Unlike most celebrity embarrassing moments, however, Lululemon felt the pinch in the pocketbook, with its stock price down to the $59 range after a 52-week high of $82.50.