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Five Word Nightmares of IT Pros Flood Twitter


What is the worst-case scenario nightmare of an IT professional in five words?  IT professionals from all over the world took to Twitter to answer this question starting Tuesday night.  #FiveWordTechHorrors, a trend started by Twitter user @izs, has spread like wildfire, tempting IT professionals and brands worldwide to voice opinions about their digital disasters.  The hashtag is showing no sign that its popularity will slow down, as it began trending worldwide Wednesday morning.

This exclusive trend for the tech savvy holds several hilarious moments, such as quips about the troubled site.  “We hired the developers” and “Coming Soon: Mobile App” are just a few of the jokes that centered on the Affordable Care Act website.  As with any hot IT trend, it did not take long for companies such as and Blackberry to join the fun.

Developers did not bite their tongues about brands and issues that are notorious for making their jobs harder.  Among the honorees thrown under the bus by the trend were HP, Microsoft, and Myspace.  One tweeter pointed out the lack of women in IT fields with her tweet, “We couldn’t find any women.”  This light-hearted and fun trend gave the IT community as a whole a reason to smile today at work, though half of the tweets were describing their current workday.

Photo: Elias Jordan