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Dog Poop Database Curbs Offenders


DNA testing, once the domain of CSI investigations, medical research, and high-end court cases, has made its way down to the dog poop on the front lawn. A condominium complex in Braintree, Mass. solved its problem of pet owners not cleaning up after their animals by requiring dog owners to pay $59.95 for a DNA test of each dog, the results being put in a database. When an offending pile of poop is found on the grounds, the condominium management sends in a sample for testing and the owner is identified and fined.

The canine waste campaign virtually eliminated the pet waste problem, according to Associated Press reports. In spite of the fact that only one offender has been caught and fined, the program has been an effective deterrent, since the results are hard to dispute.

Cheaper DNA testing has been controversial when it comes to human testing. Just this week the Food and Drug Administration ordered DNA testing company 23andMe to stop selling its home DNA testing kit. According to the FDA, the company has not proven the effectiveness of its tests. While testing dog doo is not a high-stakes proposal, human testing which includes assessing cancer risks definitely is.

The company offering the pet poo tracking service, dubbed PooPrints, is BioPet Vet Lab in Knoxville, Tenn.

Photo: liverpoolhls