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An Enormous Hidden Art Collection Recently Uncovered: Hidden Out of Love

Recently a massive collection of hidden artwork was uncovered at the home of Cornelius Gurlitt, the son of an art dealer who is thought to have worked with the Nazis selling their artwork for them. Some of his paintings were seized and Gurlitt claims that he wants them back and is not willing to deal with the authorities about his…

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Mubarak Could be Released from Prison

Hosni Mubarak, former Egyptian president could be released from jail after a court reviews his case on Wednesday. This would stir more unrest in a county that is experiencing the bloodiest internal conflict in its modern history. The death toll has risen to 900 people, including 100 police and soldiers, will searching for Mubarak’s Muslim Brotherhood foes. The count will…

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South African Schools Shut Down from Gang Violence

Fourteen schools in Manenburg, an impoverished South African province near Cape Town will be closed the next two days due to teachers feeling unsafe and uneasy about  leaving children unsupervised. The area has seen a huge spike in gun  violence from neighboring gangs. A gang member was shot in the  school playground and the school’s caretaker was shot a few…

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India and China Hold First Meeting on Central Asia

India and China held their first official dialog on Monday. The main topic was on Central Asia, and focused on India’s and China’s similar strategic approaches on the region, such as like counter-terrorism, regional and energy security. The two-day talks concluded on Tuesday and were held in a civil and cordial manner.  The talks also opened doors for further cooperation…

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