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Sean Penn and Dennis Rodman: Two Approaches to Celebrity Diplomacy

Sean Penn’s publicist has revealed that Penn helped beleaguered American businessman Jacob Ostreicher escape Bolivia following allegations of corruption against officials in his case. Penn had traveled to Bolivia last year to make appeals for the businessman directly to the Bolivian president, after which Ostreicher was moved from prison to house arrest. Penn’s celebrity activism contrasts sharply with that of…

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American Killed in Benghazi Motivated by Love

The American teacher gunned down last week while jogging in Benghazi, Libya didn’t have to be there. Ronald “Ronnie” Smith had already sent his wife Anita and toddler son Hosea home to Austin, Texas, where he planned to celebrate Christmas with them. Smith stayed on in Libya to see his students through their semester exams before returning to the U.S….

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AIDS Risk Children Should be Tested Soon After Birth – U.N.

Over 250,000 children are born with HIV every year and only a small portion of those children are tested for the virus and treated properly, according to the United Nations. The Executive director of UNAIDS, Michele Sidibe, is calling for diagnostic kits to be improved to better detect the virus in babies. He is also saying that the price of…

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Israel Firmly Denies Involvement in Beirut Iranian Embassy Bombings

Israeli officials firmly denied that they had anything to do with the twin bombings that occurred outside the Iranian Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon. This tragic attack left 23 citizens dead and injured more than 146 others. Soon after the attack the Iranian ambassador to Lebanon exclaimed that the attack was “without any doubt” caused by the “Zionists.” Later he revised…

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