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Harris-Perry Just In Time to Join List of 2013 Embarrassments

Melissa Harris-Perry’s has apologized for using a Mitt Romney family photo as a prop for racial political commentary. The TV show’s comedy panel zeroed in on an adopted African American child in the otherwise white ensemble of 22 grandchildren. Ignoring the taboo of involving the children of public figures, the Harris-Perry panel’s cracks joined a string of embarrassing moments in…

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Probation After Another Grisly Texas Auto Death

For the second time this month a Texas judge sentenced a driver responsible for a horrific auto accident to rehab and probation. Leo Ricky Deleon, 28, crashed his car into the back of a semi last June and fled the scene on foot. His passenger Heather Holt, also 28, was killed after nearly being decapitated. Deleon hid in nearby woods…

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NSA Ruling Judge Overlooks Weird Claim

While ruling that the NSA’s practices of collecting the phone records of Americans is unconstitutional, the presiding judge also had to overlook a weird claim by one of the parties in the suit. The lead plaintiff, Larry Klayman, actually claimed that the government had secretly sent text messages from his account to his clients. The judge decided not to focus…

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Arapahoe High School Shooting Resonates On Sandy Hook Anniversary

As the nation pauses to observe the one-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook school massacre, the shooting at Centennial, Colorado’s Arapahoe High School offers a chilling reminder that the issues involved are not only in the past. While there are significant differences between the two shootings, the common link of a young person using a gun in a school challenges…

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