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Voyager 1 Suspected To Have Left the Solar System

For many years scientists have been of the opinion that if an object leaves our solar system, such as the Voyager 1 itself, it will undergo a sudden change in magnetic field direction as it loses attraction from the sun’s magnetic vicinity. However, newest research suggest that this may not entirely be true. The study, carried out by Marc Swisdak…

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3D Liquid Metal Printing Makes the Future Shinier

3D liquid metal printing technology has exploded over the past several years, and folks are relegated to just printing with plastic anymore. Sandstone, Silver, and Stainless Steel are all possibilities and the newest material is really going to blow your mind as researchers from North Carolina State University have cooked up a method for 3D liquid metal printing. If you’re…

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Paint With Mind

Paint With Your Thoughts? Now You Can!

Have you ever wished of doing something without even lifting a finger? Well, scientists are trying to achieve exactly that. Researchers in London have developed a machine-or computer rather-that enables you to create paintings on a software using not even your voice but your thoughts. Users are able to create images using nothing but their minds with what is a…

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robot boy

UCSD Releases Video of Robotic One-Year-Old

The University of California, San Diego released a short video of its robotic one-year-old child, Diego-san, this Sunday.  Three years in the making, this new video shows Diego-san moving its face to mimic a whole range of human expressions and emotions. Standing four-foot-three and weighing in at a whopping sixty-six pounds, this baby android is far from infantile, however it…

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