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Black Girls Code: Closing the Science and Technology Digital Divide

It is a cold, hard fact; minorities and women represent less than one percent of IT professionals in the U.S.  Kimberly Bryant found herself in a unique situation as the only black woman in the room on a regular basis as a biotech engineer.  After doing research, Kimberly found that the lack of minority and female presence she saw in…

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Apple vs. Samsung: the Battle of the Bans Continues

What is the popular thing to do when battling for market share against a strong competitor in the smart phone and mobile device industry?  File a lawsuit and request that competitors have their products banned from the country.   At least this has been the strategy of Apple and Samsung over the last couple of years as the embattled companies scramble…

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Death of Paul Walker Exploited to Trick Thousands of Facebook Users

Thousands of Facebook users have been fooled by scams that exploit actor Paul Walker’s death. Promising videos of the accident, users are instead tricked into sharing personal and financial information as they sign up for “free” memberships to the sites. Users never do see any video, but by that time the damage is done. Paul Walker, who played Brian O’Conner…

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Five Word Nightmares of IT Pros Flood Twitter

What is the worst-case scenario nightmare of an IT professional in five words?  IT professionals from all over the world took to Twitter to answer this question starting Tuesday night.  #FiveWordTechHorrors, a trend started by Twitter user @izs, has spread like wildfire, tempting IT professionals and brands worldwide to voice opinions about their digital disasters.  The hashtag is showing no…

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