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Microsoft Denies Rumors For Cuts In Xbox One Units

Microsoft supposedly cut down the number of Xbox One units that it expects to sell in 2013 from 7 million to 6.2 million units due to reported issues with certain parts of Xbox One units performing inaccurately. Microsoft has denied the rumor and stated that the information was “inaccurate”. The news report initially appeared on Chinese newspaper, Economic Daily News,…

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Sony Finally Announces the PlayStation 4 November 15th Release Date

It’s time to mark your calendars as Sony has finally officially unveiled the release date for the PlayStation 4. You’ll be able to pick up the PlayStation 4 on November 15th which is awesome news if you’re a PlayStation gamer. If you dig the Xbox… well, you’re out of luck as Microsoft didn’t set a date today.


The Humble Origin Bundle Drops 6 Awesome Games for One Low Price

It’s Humble Bundle time again! The Humble Bundle is back, and yesterday they dropped a bomb full of fun on gamers with the Humble Origin Bundle. Not origin as in the beginning, but origin as in Battlefield & Dead Space. Interested?


The Xbox One Kinect Can Now Be Unplugged

Remember way back in May when the Xbox One was announced, and the net nearly burst into flames with the rants of angry gamers? Well, Microsoft did the smart thing and addressed a few of the complaints, and now they’re taking aim at another gripe about the next-gen console – the Xbox One Kinect. Microsoft originally reported that the Kinect…

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