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Xbox One Launch Issues both Minor and Avoidable

In another of Microsoft’s indecisive console choices this year, the company decided to make users participate in a mandatory day one Xbox One update. The update intends to bring the system up to speed for all users, which is ultimately better for everyone. Of course it is. Nobody wanted to see any Xbox One launch issues. What makes Xbox loyalists…

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Sony is Off to a Great Start with the Release of the PS4

The latest Playstation console, the PS4, launched this month at a suggested retail price of $399. At the time of launch there were approximately 20 games available for the system and it is believed that there will be over 30 games available by the end of the year. The latest console comes with an impressive level of power with 8GB…

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Re-Mission 2: Nanobot’s Revenge Review

Occasionally I’ll stumble across an Android game that supports a good cause, carries a message, or serves a purpose aside from simply playing a game. HopeLab is a developer out to make a difference by improving people’s health and well-being through technology. They partnered up with Cigna for their first Android release, Re-Mission 2: Nanobot’s Revenge. It’s a game aimed to help kids with cancer feel a little bit better by letting them blast those nasty cancer cells away, and it’s quite a bit of fun to boot.


Nintendo 2DS: Release Date, Price and Features

Nintendo has stayed a king of handheld gaming with it’s evergreen Gameboy as well as DS but as competition has arisen over the years, it seems to be at a loss while competing with systems like the PS Vita. Even Nintendo’s recent addition to it’s the DS line-the 3DS-hasn’t proven to be very hefty against rival handheld consoles. However,  Nintendo…

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