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BBM for Android plagued by thousands of fake reviews

BlackBerry announced the public release of its BBM for Android a few days back and within just 24 hours of launch garnered over 10 million downloads – a feat which does invite a round of applause. But it seems that everything colorful is not a rainbow as Google Play page of BBM for Android has thousands of reviews which seem…

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galaxy gear smartwatch

Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Photos Show the Prototype, Not the Finished Product

Smartwatches are all the rage this year, and Samsung is set to unveil their entry into the Smartwatch market in a few days on September 4th. A few days ago images appeared online of the Galaxy Gear, and the internet lost its mind when they saw how big and bulky the Galaxy Gear was. Well, have no fear as it’s been confirmed that the watch folks will see in two days is going to look quite a bit different… we think.


The META AR Glasses Looks to Bring Augmented Reality to the Masses

Google Glass is gearing up to hit retail shelves sometime next year, but it’s not the only piece of augmented eye wear out there. Meet the META AR glasses, a cool looking set of specs with some interesting features.


Pet Tech: 5 Dog Gadgets Your Pooch Will Love

If you’re a dog lover, you’ve probably bought some wacky dog toys in your time, but things have come a long way since the days of tossing a stick for Fido. Electronic dog gadgets are a high tech way to have fun or interact with your pooch, and with that in mind we thought we’d create a list featuring some…

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