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Auto Insurance Cheap Until You Use It, According To New Study

Drivers who file an insurance claim after an at-fault car accident are likely to see their insurance rates increase up to 73 percent, depending on where they live, according to a new study by Quadrant. The study, commissioned by, based its research on a hypothetical ideal customer (good credit, continuous coverage, no previous claims) making claims of various types…

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Tesla Plans $40K Electric Car

For most people, owning an electric car built by Tesla Motors is in the realm of science fiction, as their current Model S starts at over $70,000, with typical options and taxes making the real price tag much higher. According to the Los Angeles Times, the company is planning to launch a car in early 2015 aimed at mainstream buyers…

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Food Allergies and Sensitivities Targeted by New Food Scanner

For a person that has allergies and food sensitivities, living a normal life can be a difficult maze to navigate.  Isabel Hoffman and her 14-year-old daughter know this to be a fact.  After moving from Europe to the U.S., Isabel’s daughter became very ill.  Her doctors were mystified about what could be causing the illness.  Therefore, her daughter’s symptoms continued…

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Red or Blue Pill? Life Changing DNA Nanocage Could Cure Cancer

Like a scene out of the hit movie, Matrix, scientists are working to create a pill that will change medicine, as we know it.  There is a strong, future possibility that one pill can cure the human body of ailments such as cancer, or other life-threatening diseases.  Scientists in the US, Denmark, and Rome recently discovered a nanotechnology breakthrough that…

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