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Tesla Plans $40K Electric Car

For most people, owning an electric car built by Tesla Motors is in the realm of science fiction, as their current Model S starts at over $70,000, with typical options and taxes making the real price tag much higher. According to the Los Angeles Times, the company is planning to launch a car in early 2015 aimed at mainstream buyers…

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Nokia Lumia 2520 to Be Followed by 8-inch 2020

Shortly after the launch of its first Windows RT tablet, rumors surfaced that Nokia would produce a model with an 8-inch diagonal screen. Developed under the code name “Illusionist,” the future product will apparently be a flagship model, to be released next year at CES 2014 in January or at MWC 2014 in February. At 8 inches, Illusionist is slated…

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Apple vs. Samsung: the Battle of the Bans Continues

What is the popular thing to do when battling for market share against a strong competitor in the smart phone and mobile device industry?  File a lawsuit and request that competitors have their products banned from the country.   At least this has been the strategy of Apple and Samsung over the last couple of years as the embattled companies scramble…

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Google Glass WordPress Plugin to Enable Live Photo Blogging

The future of Google Glass is getting brighter every day, as developers are creating useful apps to accompany the technology.  The latest round of innovation comes from the public relations agency, Weber Shandwick.  The agency will be releasing the software it is has dubbed wpForGlass to enable nearly instant photo and video blogging at live events. Weber Shandwick created the…

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