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BBM for Android plagued by thousands of fake reviews

BlackBerry announced the public release of its BBM for Android a few days back and within just 24 hours of launch garnered over 10 million downloads – a feat which does invite a round of applause. But it seems that everything colorful is not a rainbow as Google Play page of BBM for Android has thousands of reviews which seem…

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Microsoft Buys Nokia for $7.2 Billion

Microsoft hasn’t ever been significantly committed to the mobile business before, but that’s bound to change now. In recent days, Microsoft has entered an agreement with Nokia to buy the company entirely for a whopping $7.2 billion. Nokia had been number one in the mobile industry for quite a while in the past, however, the recent hijack of the mobile market by Android…

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Nintendo 2DS: Release Date, Price and Features

Nintendo has stayed a king of handheld gaming with it’s evergreen Gameboy as well as DS but as competition has arisen over the years, it seems to be at a loss while competing with systems like the PS Vita. Even Nintendo’s recent addition to it’s the DS line-the 3DS-hasn’t proven to be very hefty against rival handheld consoles. However,  Nintendo…

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Microsoft Denies Rumors For Cuts In Xbox One Units

Microsoft supposedly cut down the number of Xbox One units that it expects to sell in 2013 from 7 million to 6.2 million units due to reported issues with certain parts of Xbox One units performing inaccurately. Microsoft has denied the rumor and stated that the information was “inaccurate”. The news report initially appeared on Chinese newspaper, Economic Daily News,…

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