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Xbox One Launch Issues both Minor and Avoidable

In another of Microsoft’s indecisive console choices this year, the company decided to make users participate in a mandatory day one Xbox One update. The update intends to bring the system up to speed for all users, which is ultimately better for everyone. Of course it is. Nobody wanted to see any Xbox One launch issues. What makes Xbox loyalists…

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Apple Siphons Millions More from Samsung, Both Appeal Ruling

Samsung just keeps digging itself deeper and deeper into the hole with Apple as the technology giants are court ordered once again to pay Apple a lump sum in regards to patent infringement. As of this moment, the total damages result in over $900 million dollars, and neither side is backing down. Both Samsung and Apple have not only appealed…

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AOL to Permanently Shut Down Winamp

Technology nostalgia is about as grand as it is useless. New tech comes in and the world grows an incredible short term memory. For example, think back a ways before the days of iTunes. Remember burning CDs all the time? Well, between those two time periods, Winamp was the sweetest source of online music. With the rights purchased by AOL…

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Next iPhone May Have Curved Glass

Apple news buzz has been going off on the possibilities of a next generation iPhone that will sport an unusual smart glass. CNN and Bloomberg have tapped anonymous sources that allude to the iPhone sporting a curved glass screen. This convex glass shape will apparently help the screen function on different pressure levels, which will allow for a number of…

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