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Laptops Replace iPads for Some Los Angeles High School Students

The largest rollout of educational technology in U.S. history has hit a stumbling block as the Los Angeles Unified School District School Board has voted to give some high school students laptops instead of the planned iPads. The decision comes after some 300 students were able to bypass installed security on iPads issued to them in order to access social…

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SeaWorld and OSHA Heading to Court Over Killer Whale Rules

In 2010 a killer whale attacked and killed a trainer during a performance at SeaWorld. The U.S. Court of Appeals will hear a case on Thursday to decide if resulting restrictions placed on trainers by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) were within the authority of the agency. Following the release of the documentary “Blackfish,” SeaWorld’s operating practices have…

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Apple and Samsung: The Billion Dollar Lawsuit Rematch

In a scene that is becoming common in United States District Court, lawyers for Apple Inc. and Samsung Group are heading into yet another round of litigation. This time a jury will be reconsidering damages. In August of 2012 Samsung was ordered to pay in excess of $1 billion to Apple for illegally copying technology from the iPhone and iPad….

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Study Concludes Multivitamins Have No Effect on Heart Disease or Cancer

A U.S. government-backed study has come to the conclusion that there is no conclusion. The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force (USPTF) issued a statement saying there is little evidence that taking vitamins or minerals help prevent cancer or heart disease and the panel can neither recommend taking the supplements, nor can they recommend against taking them. In the draft statement,…

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